Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design is a Hickory, NC-based company for web design, online services, and a turnkey operation for all of your Marketing needs.

Web Site Design, E-Commerce, E-Mail Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management Systems, Web Hosting, Domains, Social Media and More web services- all in Hickory, NC, USA.

Chad Austin Marketing and Media DesignThese days, a web service company can’t just focus on one online need, such as simply web design or social media. When a company has its presence online, it needs a marketing plan that encompasses all aspects of this ever-widening online arena.

For example, a web site design needs a domain(s) and hosting; is an extension of the company involved, organized by a Content Management System; made more valuable to Google™ and Bing™ by Search Engine Optimization and continued Analytics; products sold by E-commerce, and audience growth by Social Media & E-Mail Marketing. It’s all intertwined… and it doesn’t stop there.

Brand recognition, print medium (magazines, brochures, newspapers, flyers, etc), video, logos, business cards, Flash design, graphic design, favicons, QR codes, phone apps, trade show design, 3D Design, virtual environments, site redesign, site maintenance, consultation and so much more: all these elements and pieces are used to help promote, maintain and sell your product and ideas.

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design can help your business accomplish all of these needs. Just give us a call at 828-381-7896, or email.

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